The King James Version: Translating the World's Most Popular Book.

The Holy Bible is the most read, and one of the most influential, books in world history. But the choice of what to include, and translating ancient words into modern languages, created many pitfalls, and even included a "wicked bible." The History Guy recalls the convoluted path from Galilee to English translations of the world's most popular book.

This is original content based on research by The History Guy. Images in the Public Domain are carefully selected and provide illustration. As very few images of the actual event are available in the Public Domain, images of similar objects and events are used for illustration.

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Script by HCW and RAC

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  • IF, and im speaking as a non-christian agnostic here, but IF a new bible includes a mor gender-neutral or Fringe-friendly language, then it kinda have to change some of its messages... again. And IF that happens, can christians finaly then stop saying that the Bible is word for word the words of God? Probably not, but here is hoping.

    KamiReccaKamiRecca2 өдрийн өмнө
  • This seems like the video to ask: Did the original authors of the New testament have different names than the ones we know them by today? I suspect that future translations gave the authors new names to fit the society they were being read in. Maybe I have this backwards but it seems weird to think of Hebrews or Israelites having english-sounding names before England existed.

    Ashton WingateAshton Wingate2 өдрийн өмнө
  • There is a reason you always find the Bible in the Fiction section of the book stores and libraries.

    Buck NaykidBuck Naykid4 өдрийн өмнө
  • I was disappointed that you made no mention of how many British rulers (particularly James I) developed new Bible translations for political reasons - omitting previous translations and even entire books. The King James version is actually one of the shortest versions of the Christian Bible.

    Craig RasmussenCraig Rasmussen4 өдрийн өмнө
  • No mention of Hort and Wescott?

    Nick MilliganNick Milligan6 өдрийн өмнө
  • DeaR HiSToRy GuY... SiNCe phiLoLoGy is a faVoReD' of miNe, I musT saY...TheRe's No " D " As iN CATTLe -PRoD.. In PRoTesTaNT~! IT's aLL " T '"s..! DeaR HisToRy~SoN..!

    C.L. Van HorneC.L. Van Horne6 өдрийн өмнө
  • What about the Tetragrammaton?

    LusealEyecoughLusealEyecough9 өдрийн өмнө
  • “The Bible is an anvil that has worn out many hammers.” 💪✝️

    alitlweirdalitlweird9 өдрийн өмнө
  • I remember someone wrote "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth, its measures 2 cubit by 4 cubits and 4 cubits deep." Just about the right size for a grave.

    James DrisselJames Drissel16 өдрийн өмнө
  • There's only 2 genders.

    Creationism RCreationism R22 өдрийн өмнө
  • Control is a better word than guide... The creator of the first bible was the Cesar of Rome.... He must have been an amazing guy all worried about our souls and stuff.... Just like our current government just loving and full of wonder....

    Arminius Tha GreatArminius Tha Great26 өдрийн өмнө
  • Cool

    Alan CrewsAlan Crews27 өдрийн өмнө
  • William Tyndale was burned at the stake on 6 October 1536 for translating the bible into English. When Jerome translated the bible into what came to be known as the Latin Vulgate bible in about 400 ad, he changed the reference to the morning star (Venus) from phosphorus to Lucifer. That was the first time the name Lucifer appeared in the bible. He had his political reasons at time for doing so.

    Frank MartinFrank MartinСарын өмнө
  • Gender inclusive language?? Isn't the whole point was to translate what was said before? Not Change it

    Faux HoundFaux HoundСарын өмнө
  • Don't confuse the most purchased book with the most read book. I'd wager that most Bibles gather dust. If you looked at how many people have actually read ALL of the Old Testament, I'd wager it's a fraction of 1%. Just try to read it for yourself, and you'll seen see why that's the case! So from your figures alone, I think we can be pretty sure that Harry Potter is the most read series of books in all of History.

    Roger FroudRoger FroudСарын өмнө
  • One of the worst translàtion of the story collection.

    TorianTammasTorianTammasСарын өмнө
  • *gender-inclusive Bibles* I feel like if that's a concern in your life the gender content of the Bible is the least of your concerns.

    Roch ChamboRoch ChamboСарын өмнө
  • Serious question would not the Quran be somewhere on that list? With as many adherents as it surprises me it's not at least number three

    Roch ChamboRoch ChamboСарын өмнө
  • Most sold does not mean most read as witnessed by the self proclaimed religious right. I doubt many of them have even opened it.

    PoppaJ RetiredPoppaJ RetiredСарын өмнө
  • Lol , Worlds biggest selling Sci-Phi/Fantasy book,,Harry Potters older brother...

    Andrew DillonAndrew DillonСарын өмнө
  • Tyndale was put to death for the CRIME of translating the Bible into English! Yes, it's true.

    Arne SahlenArne SahlenСарын өмнө
  • Stating that the 1st writings were as early as 30 years after his death is very optimistic opinion

    letgouvgodletgouvgodСарын өмнө
  • You have not experienced The Bible until you have read it in the original Klingon.

    pgpetepgpeteСарын өмнө
  • The internet doesn't exist. It's 30 years after Tom Brady's death, his 10 biggest fans get together and write a book about his life and accomplishments and wish that everyone live in his image.

    Lets Go FlyingLets Go FlyingСарын өмнө
    • They did write 5 contradicting stories and most likely no one has ever seen the guy they write about.

      TorianTammasTorianTammasСарын өмнө
  • Nothing written about Jesus until 30 years after his death. That makes him the biggest 'Fish Story' of all time!

    geonerdgeonerd2 сарын өмнө
  • And from the original King James Version, Exodus 6:3, Psalm 83:18 and others have the name of God as Jehovah. Coins minted for the Crusades have the Latin version of Jehovah spelled with an I, as there is no J in Latin. In the back of the King James Version that I have, it is explained that the name of God, Jehovah, was "substituted" with the title God and Lord. Yes, history does deserve to be remembered, as does the real name of God, Jehovah.

    John BarradaleJohn Barradale2 сарын өмнө
  • The people at the time of Jesus spoke Hebrew but did not speak Aramaic because they did not understand that Jesus said on the cross in Aramaic my God my God why has thou forsaken me he spoke Aramaic but they did not understand him because they did not speak Aramac so you are not correct

    swedishmanguyswedishmanguy2 сарын өмнө
  • James the VI of Scotland and I of England. First king of Scotland and England, and the ba@/!rd that out lawed my family.

    Hoss McgregorHoss Mcgregor2 сарын өмнө
  • In late 1950s my brother had an elder in his church who objected to use of 'new' American Standard". He demanded use of KJV, "just the way Paul wrote it". And, yes, that is a correct copying of the original statement.

    David L LewisDavid L Lewis2 сарын өмнө
  • You should read the book "The Great Controversy" for a better insight into the Bible. Also, Professor Walter Veith created a great insightful video series "Total Onslaught" that reveals a clear history of the inspired Bible...

    Steven DragooSteven Dragoo2 сарын өмнө
  • The legend of Shakespear's contribution to KJV. Psalm 46. Start at the first word and counting that word to 46 words. Shake is word 46. From the last word (do not count Selah), count up 46 words. Spear. King James farmed out the work to scholars who formed committees who farmed out some or all of the grunt work of writing. No typewriters or word processors. Cut and paste was not available. It was an iterative process.

    Walt NelsonWalt Nelson2 сарын өмнө
  • Should the Bible use gender inclusive... What in the cheesecake is wrong with some people O_O

    X CriticX Critic3 сарын өмнө
  • Not true where you say that we don’t know who wrote the gospels. God inspired the words to be written as He directed. Anything you say to the contrary are lies and blasphemy.

    Henry DerksenHenry Derksen3 сарын өмнө
  • Jesus was not a "practicing jew". he was everything the "jews" of the time despised. a jew would not have spoken of jews in 3rd person as he did with the incident with the coin changers. he would not have openly acted against the will of the jewish judges (pharisees), Jesus was the first practitioner of Christianity, the religion that bears his name. calling him the name of his enemy is just insane. he worked against the wishes of the jewish governing body (the pharisees) who openly decried his unauthenticated role as the jewish messiah. jewish messiah is more of a nimrod character, not a nice guy spreading religion to the world and helping the poor. the jewish messiah was supposed to enslave the world under a jewish king... basically Christianity's anti-christ.

    Sean PriceSean Price3 сарын өмнө
  • remember, most bibles you will read today are *schofield reference* bibles.

    Sean PriceSean Price3 сарын өмнө
  • An The Coran? There are more Muslims than Cristians.

    Gorki ValenzuelaGorki Valenzuela3 сарын өмнө
  • You need to studiu more. The first Evanghelie, written from Matei is written around the year 43-44 after the birth of Jeasus Christ. I say it like a theologian

    Petar DoynovPetar Doynov3 сарын өмнө
  • The scribes BOTCHED it. The KJV actually uses the same tale TWICE in Genesis. Where was the editor? Probably off praying.

    David HimmelsbachDavid Himmelsbach3 сарын өмнө
  • Has anyone in this world memorised the entire bible, the worlds most popular book, word for word?

    Mezan MMezan M4 сарын өмнө
  • It is truly amazing what human beings will do for acceptance.

    John NJohn N4 сарын өмнө
  • The meek may inherit the earth but they will not inherit the stars.

    Camp H.Camp H.4 сарын өмнө
  • The game of telephone compared against an oral tradition is a false equivalency. Oral tradition is amazingly accurate and in no way is close to telephone. It is a common mistake from those of us who are not raised in an oral tradition.

    TMLWinstonTMLWinston4 сарын өмнө
  • The bible cannot not be changed to be socially correct, it would be blasphemy

    Terry JohnsonTerry Johnson4 сарын өмнө
  • Old book. When was the last version written? By the same person that wrote for illiterate Shakespeare. Assholes.

    Rachelle Roberthon FavaloroRachelle Roberthon Favaloro4 сарын өмнө

    Rachelle Roberthon FavaloroRachelle Roberthon Favaloro4 сарын өмнө
  • Interesting that 400 years later "campfire telephone" has proven the entire lot was invented, changed, perverted to their own beliefs.. and all of it a fairytale of an imaginary friends "God and Jesus".. The meek may inherit the earth, the stupid and desperate will go to church.. religion is bastion of fools, dictators and desperate people

    Thailand RetirementThailand Retirement4 сарын өмнө
  • Very enjoyable lesson. My appreciation for history has increased as it always does when I listen in!

    CC4 сарын өмнө
  • Nonsense. The church of Rome worked tirelessly for centuries to destroy God's Word and to murder people who refused to partake in her corrupt ways; and every translation made by the "harlot church" is a corruption of the true scriptures. And we can follow through history the stewardship of God's preserved Word. The Italic Bible predates the rise of the church of Rome. And the great theologian and historian Theodore Beza noted that the Word of God was preserved by the Ancient Vaudois of the Cottian Alps since the 1st century. Thanks to DNA testing we now have scientific proof that backs the many historical references of this ancient church body as having received the gospel from the apostles; they are Separdic Jews(Messianics). And despite centuries of persecution and crusades to annihilate them they persevered and shared God's Word until the reformation of 1532. At this time they held a church synod with reformers and joined them in their struggle to shake off the shackles of the Roman church. The Vaudois church body funded the translation and printing of God's Word into the French language to mark the occasion of the Reformation movement. The French Olivetan Bible was completed in 1535. I've spent years comparing this French translation to the KJV of 1630 and I've found zero discrepancies; not one! But that's hardly surprising considering that the KJV translators had the preserved Bible translations of the Vaudois as a reference. It's clear that our God who created heaven and earth preserved His Word throughout the ages.

    Mike RevendaleMike Revendale4 сарын өмнө
  • King James the 6th of Scotland became King James the 1st of England When Elizabeth 1st died

    Andrew WhiteAndrew White4 сарын өмнө
  • The King James Version of the Bible is the only version of the Bible that I like. Some of the more recent versions make the story of the Nativity, sound like Woodstock. This preference might be because James I of England was a distant cousin or it could because I am a well educated individual. However, I think the former because blood is thicker than water.

    John ClarkeJohn Clarke4 сарын өмнө
  • Bought isnt necessarily read sir.

    amy turpenamy turpen4 сарын өмнө
  • 0:23 "book" (or collection of books) is the correct term. Jordan Petersen does an excellent job in explaining "The Psychological Significance of The Biblical Stories ... 13 x 2 hours of videos, not for the weak minded.

    Rosseo BRosseo B5 сарын өмнө
  • History Guy, but clearly not the history of Scotland / UK..... Prior to being crowned the first King James of England, he had already been crowned Scotlands sixth King James - so he's known as James VI and I. (Sixth and First).

    Brian ForresterBrian Forrester5 сарын өмнө
  • It' a bit misleading to say the bible is the world's most popular book. While it is true that it is the best selling book, it is also true that it is the least read. The vast majority of christians have read almost none of the bible.

    Freeda PeepleFreeda Peeple5 сарын өмнө
  • Very well done!

    Sarah BushSarah Bush5 сарын өмнө
  • This video shows how lazy you are as a "historian". It appears you just followed Wikipedia and/or the false claims of other lazy "historians". This video should be removed. Sadly, I wasn't surprised because you constantly show disdain towards Christians.

    Warren GossWarren Goss5 сарын өмнө
    • Warren Goss Whereas your disdain of the need to supply evidence for unsupported claims is pretty clear. Whiner.

      Alan ThompsonAlan Thompson3 сарын өмнө
  • I have a two volume replica of Luther's 1534 Bible. It's very well done.

    jordapenjordapen5 сарын өмнө
  • The ignorant bench radiographically melt because pollution suprisingly prevent sans a kind susan. wooden, caring valley

    Norma OwensNorma Owens5 сарын өмнө
  • I think the history of religion is history worth remembering. Can you please do an episode on that. Thank you

    WWTormentorWWTormentor5 сарын өмнө
  • The bible is a book of lies

    Richard PeralezRichard Peralez5 сарын өмнө
  • Call me old school, I was raised with the King James version, well the version printed in the late 1940's through the middle 1950's. I am no expert so there could be several versions, but my point is that the language used in the Bibles I was exposed to just seems right in my old mind. "Though shalt not," just seems right even though I never communicated that way. This was a very interesting topic and answers many questions in my mind.

    Dan BreyfogleDan Breyfogle5 сарын өмнө
  • matthew wrote his gospel in hebrew, according to church father Pappias, meaning they all spoke in hebrew, contrary to what the roman church would like you to believe about these jewish leaders.

    richard brooksrichard brooks5 сарын өмнө
  • I vaguely remember reading that "Sing a Song of Song of Six Pence" was a mockery of The KJV. The "four and twenty black birds" were the existent English alphabet. A "dainty dish" indeed.

    friendofbeaverfriendofbeaver5 сарын өмнө
  • Thanks for a most informative video.

    David KJ4CMYDavid KJ4CMY6 сарын өмнө
  • The Catholic Encyclopedia's article on John Wyclif ( states: "This much, at any rate, is certain: that the Bible was familiar even to laymen in the fourteenth century and that the whole of the New Testament at least could be read in translations."

    Gary L. DomanGary L. Doman6 сарын өмнө
  • Jesus spoke in common language of the time. Our founders wrote a document in common language of the time Now?,Theologians and lawyers are needed? Public education and gvt services=Sanhedrin By the way, gvt services cost you more than personal responsibility. Go figure

    Norman McNealNorman McNeal6 сарын өмнө
  • I got to tell you I love the history guy but you missed so many critical facts about the Bible and painted them with the liberal brush that I can’t even make a list big enough to cover everything that you messed up for your own credibility please take a closer look at this and do this again

    Mark ShropshireMark Shropshire6 сарын өмнө
  • This was very interesting! Could you do a segment on the contemporary Roman historians' views of Jesus? I'd like to know what was written before the bible, since it was first written many decades after the time of Jesus.

    Jeff BJeff B6 сарын өмнө
    • There is no one mentioning a Yeshuah Ben Joseph, a god coming to earth.

      TorianTammasTorianTammasСарын өмнө
  • I have a he bible :D

    Makker DonMakker Don6 сарын өмнө
  • More fasanating insights in to bible

    Denis ByrneDenis Byrne6 сарын өмнө
  • NAME OF BOOK WRITER PLACE WRITTEN WRITING COMPLETED (C.E.) TIME COVERED Matthew Matthew Israel c. 41 2 B.C.E.-33 C.E. Mark Mark Rome c. 60-65 29-33 C.E. Luke Luke Caesarea c. 56-58 3 B.C.E.-33 C.E. John Apostle John Ephesus, or near c. 98 After prologue, 29-33 C.E. The King James version was just a revision of the Bishops Bible that was kept in Churches as it was too big for the common man. The language of the KJV was not the usual English spoken at the time but was written in a way that when the listener at the church was to hear it read aloud, it was to emotionally effect them. Almost all modern English versions are in reality, revisions of the KJV. All the translation mistake found in the KJV also appear in most all modern English versions as well. The only organization that has more translations of the bible into other languages, meeting the goal of having a bible in all languages, are the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Jehovah's Witnesses. They currently have the bible available in print or digital form in more than 1,452 languages, and are the first to create a visual Sign language addition currently in 53 languages.

    John WyattJohn Wyatt6 сарын өмнө
    • John Wyatt Your Dates Completed column is, um, interesting. On what basis do you reject the primacy of "Mark"? 600 out of 661 Markan verses appear unchanged in the much longer Matthew. Not a single non-Markan verse from Matthew goes the other way. "Luke" too copies Mark wholesale but again none of his own verses appear in Mark. Yet you have Matthew dated over a generation earlier than Mark.

      Alan ThompsonAlan Thompson3 сарын өмнө
  • Paul, who had no knowledge of Jesus or the disciples, invented Christianity. The Gospels came later. Paul even wrote that he was not speaking from knowledge but from revelation. There were other prophets at the time. The one that the probably fictional character Jesus rather resembles is Apollonius of Tyana. At least there is evidence that the latter existed.

    Ned LuddNed Ludd6 сарын өмнө
  • This is beautiful.

    Brotha LiphtedBrotha Liphted6 сарын өмнө
  • I would point out that "oral tradition" for the Gospels was short, as many of those who witnessed Jesus' ministry were still alive at least when Mark was written...and perhaps other books as well.

    Don HeplerDon Hepler6 сарын өмнө
  • The entire new testament was written by Greek speaking Jews (except perhaps Luke who may not have been Jewish ~ but to assume there were no Jewish doctors would be a gross misconception) ~ Do you for one single moment think they would not have mentioned the destruction of the Temple if it had already happened!!! Of course ALL of the new testament (with exception perhaps, but not necessarily, the book of Revelation) was written before 70AD! I believe they have late dated Revelation to exclude Pompeii as one of the Babylon's (destroyed in 79AD).

    JesusSaves!JesusSaves!6 сарын өмнө
  • It's calculable that this version of the Bible has cost more lives than any other book before or since.

    John NJohn N6 сарын өмнө
  • Nice try bowtie guy... but you missed it... by quite a bit - a lot, actually! You must be a catholic yourself, right?

    Retired Music EducatorRetired Music Educator6 сарын өмнө
  • Just because a book has been sold doesn't mean it's been read.

    Jeffrey SlotnikoffJeffrey Slotnikoff6 сарын өмнө
    • Jeffrey Slotnikoff Yep! Ask Gideon about that.

      Alan ThompsonAlan Thompson3 сарын өмнө
  • So many assumptions !!! You talk nonsense 1. You assume they all spoke Aramaic (why did most not understand Him then when He spoke Aramaic on the cross) 2. The Tanakh was translated to Greek (i.e. The Septuagint) because the Jews had become Hellenised and many could not speak Hebrew let alone read it 3. All quotes of "scripture" in the NT come from the Septuagint and not the Hebrew texts (you can see this from the word order) 4. All of the Gospels and even parts of Paul's writings include references to eyewitness reports (for example Paul says those who witnessed His resurrection are still alive - go ask them about it)

    JesusSaves!JesusSaves!6 сарын өмнө
  • I'm more a Codex: Astartes guy myself

    Mr MacGuffinMr MacGuffin6 сарын өмнө
    • @Mike Wyant Awww, go tell it to the Marines ;)

      Nancy CousintineNancy Cousintine2 сарын өмнө
    • You and I are likely the only ones watching this video that know what you are talking about.

      Mike WyantMike Wyant6 сарын өмнө
  • King James was also motivated by the fact that previous bibles had marginal notes which, especially in I Samuel, questioned the divine right of kings. He specifically ordered that he new bible have no marginal notes. That's the kind of thing you pick up going to a religious-related college in Tennessee in the 1960's.

    William WingoWilliam Wingo6 сарын өмнө
  • If THG hasn’t already covered Martin Luther, he would be a great historic figure to do a video on. He was mentioned in this video, but fairly quickly. He was the person who defied the Catholic Church and created the Protestant Reformation!

    Dawn OldhamDawn Oldham6 сарын өмнө
    • That went well...

      Nancy CousintineNancy Cousintine2 сарын өмнө
  • it's too lazy to call Hebrews, Israelites and/or even Judeans "jews". And it is INCORRECT for all practical purposes. Modern jews love that you do that though. Is that why you do it? Has the history guy got a dog in this fight?

    Mad MarkMad Mark6 сарын өмнө
  • The most popular book in the world is The Holy Quran followed by 1.8 billion human beings, and memorized cover to cover by millions all over the world. No book in history compare with The Holy Quran

    Almoravids & Almohads DynastyAlmoravids & Almohads Dynasty6 сарын өмнө
    • Which bible ? KJV, NIV, NASV, NKJV, RSV, NRSV, NCV, LIV.... !

      Almoravids & Almohads DynastyAlmoravids & Almohads Dynasty6 сарын өмнө
    • Except for the Bible

      timarm64timarm646 сарын өмнө
  • There are dozens of KJV none match 1611. There are hundreds of variant versions of the Christian bibles none match each other or the original koine Greek or Hebrew. One must pause.....

    Golem1Golem16 сарын өмнө
  • Jesus didn't "know enough Hebrew to teach in the synagogue ". He knows it completely. He is THE WORD that became flesh.

    tr5tr56 сарын өмнө
    • Well first of all Jesus needs to be demonstrated to have existed, then we can have a discussion about what he did or didn’t do with his flesh.

      Rev DRev D5 сарын өмнө
  • Partial. Left out the Old Testament. Or do you have that someplace else?

    Elena SimonElena Simon6 сарын өмнө
  • No thanks, I'll stay with the Torah.. !!

    tj treinentj treinen6 сарын өмнө
  • Earlier translations in to English were the Tyndale, Coverdale, Great Bible, and Bishops bible. Also the Geneva bible translation played a part. My ancestor John Rogers the Maryter contirbuted the Thomas Matthews Bible. King James I of England told them the goal was to use the best of these bibles into the KJV of 1611.

    Joe RogersJoe Rogers6 сарын өмнө
  • Great up until your last few sentences when you got politically correct. That wasn't history just virtue signaling . Still overall a very well thought out video. Thanks

    toocat2000000toocat20000006 сарын өмнө
  • Just because they sold billions of copies of the bible doesn't mean any of them have been read.

    Big MikeBig Mike6 сарын өмнө
  • So the top three selling books ever, are all fiction. Something to remember if you want to write a book .

    gatekeeper65gatekeeper656 сарын өмнө
  • Oops! No Byzantine Greek text? So much for accurate history! Nonregistered Baptist Bible Fellowship:

    Gateway AnabaptistGateway Anabaptist6 сарын өмнө
  • is the formost study of anything Christian.

    Wade BrenckleWade Brenckle7 сарын өмнө
  • Google this, "The most accurate 'translation' of the Holly Scriptures".

    Wade BrenckleWade Brenckle7 сарын өмнө
    • Robins love holly berries and eat them voraciously but only after a hard freeze.

      Sharon MitchellSharon Mitchell6 сарын өмнө
  • Future subject: what biblical authority does a King or any leader of a country have to head the church in his/her realm? And the dispute over this?

    Gregg WeberGregg Weber7 сарын өмнө
  • Would Jesus have known enough Latin to know what the Romans were saying to Him?

    Gregg WeberGregg Weber7 сарын өмнө
    • @Alan Thompson Ken Burns did a miniseries for PBS on the American Civil War. You know. The one with President Lincoln. (It was in all the papers. LoL I couldn't resist it.)

      Gregg WeberGregg Weber3 сарын өмнө
    • @Gregg Weber You've lost me. Ken who? Which war?

      Alan ThompsonAlan Thompson3 сарын өмнө
    • @Alan Thompson I'm thinking of the Ken Burns Civil War series.

      Gregg WeberGregg Weber3 сарын өмнө
    • @Gregg Weber Agreed. The rhythm of the narrative IS important for fiction writers; less so for historians.

      Alan ThompsonAlan Thompson3 сарын өмнө
    • @Alan Thompson Not all the details were written into the accounts as that would lose the rhythm of the narrative. The purpose was to influence the reader, and not to include everything.

      Gregg WeberGregg Weber3 сарын өмнө
  • How about what is called the Holy Qoran? Of course this is apples and oranges in that how many can read either either in the original language or translation.

    Gregg WeberGregg Weber7 сарын өмнө
  • 2:46 is somewhat misleading. The gospels mentioned do not refer to the destruction of Jerusalem as an historical event, they record Jesus prophesying this event. So they must have been written after 70 AD.. IF CHRISTIANITY IS FALSE. Adjust your datings accordingly.

    Digital NomadDigital Nomad7 сарын өмнө
  • Dear History Guy. I am so very fond of you. But what you ought to have gone further to what all of these books are based from. If you want to drink cleaner water you need to go further upstream. That is the value of history. The King James Bible includes as its foundation the Torah. And it was originally written in Hebrew. Israel did not adopt letters until the Babylonian captivity. The TORAH was written by Moses. And he wrote it in Paleo Hebreo (what can be called Hebrew hieroglyphics). The languge is an eastern language and is connected to the cultural perspective at the time. Every letter represents a point of reference from life. Some letters represent parts of the body. Cyphers have been discovered in the text of the Torah. Cyphers that are connected to Yeshua. The one the translators named Jesus.

    pub1iuzpub1iuz7 сарын өмнө
    • pub1iuz Moses? So a dead guy wrote D'varim / Deuteronony 34?

      Alan ThompsonAlan Thompson3 сарын өмнө