Erik the Red and Viking Greenland

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Erik the Red is one of the most famous historical Norsemen today. His life was in some way that of a typical ‘Viking’, but ultimately he established for himself and his family a famous reputation. He led the first permanent settlements of Greenland, and indirectly the earliest recorded landing on American shores.

This is original content based on research by The History Guy. Images in the Public Domain are carefully selected and provide illustration. As very few images of the actual event are available in the Public Domain, images of similar objects and events are used for illustration.

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  • haglas óðinn

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  • Ayeriker, "the alone ruling-one".

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  • Excellent as there a story behind the astronaut helmet?...if you've already spoken about it please forgive me.

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  • this is super helpful

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  • The Norse expansion was due to something known as the "Little Climatic Optimum", which began in the North Atlantic around 600 A.D. and continued until the 1300s, after which the "Little Ice Age" set in (think Hans Brinker skating on the canals of Holland ca. 1600s). The Little Climatic Optimum made for productive agricultural conditions in Northern Europe, English Islands, Scandinavia, Iceland, and Greenland, which in turn resulted in explosive population growth and political change from the Norse confederacy to the Norse kingdom under Eric Fine Hair in the 750s, which in turn resulted in a lot of other lesser Norse noblemen leaving Norway with their families and followers to escape the increasing power of the King and his followers, and which led to great migrations of these seafaring peoples, including the Danes and Jutes to England, and the Norse to Scotland, Normandy, and Hebrides, and to Iceland, where they established colonies and supplanted the indigenous Celts in many of these regions. When the pagan Norse reached Greenland under Eric the Red, they initially traded with the Inuit and learned their sacred hunting magic for hunting harp and harbor seals, which was the mainstay of the Inuit diet. The Norse also brought their cattle, small beef the size of deer, which they grazed on pasture grass lining the slopes of the fjords. But by the 13th century, the Norse had become Christianized, and had established bishoprics in their main settlements, which forbid the use of Inuit hunting technology and the magic that went with it. Once the little Ice Age set in and made the raising of cattle on pasture grass impossible, they couldn't adjust back to becoming seal hunters like they had in their pagan days, and eventually starvation, and ultimately, extinction, set in. The last European trading ship left Greenland in the 1330s, and European fishermen didn't return until perhaps the late 15th century, and found no trace of the Norse, other than their houses, churches, and cemetaries.

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  • erik is my idk how many greats grandfather

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    • btw im not lying

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  • Erik the red is my great great grandfather

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  • Excellent. The only nit I would pick is one I am sure you have encountered before, Viking was not a people but an occupation, although the one most associated with the medieval Norse. Nonetheless, saying Vikings discovered America is like saying Cowboys landed on the moon. None of the personalities involved in the discovery and exploration of North America by the pre-Colombian Norse were proper Vikings with the possible exception of Erik himself, whom Mowatt argues expected to find Irish monks already there against whom he could raid.

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  • I'm related to him!

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  • Christopher Columbus didn't get the memo that Leif Ericson had already been to the Americas but some of his fellow countrymen even had settlements there hundreds of years before him. They still teach the BS story about Christopher Columbus discovering America even though he was way late and more than a dollar short.

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  • Oh, by the way, there was a rumor that Christopher Columbus had a copy of the Vinland map with him on his Journey but was blown off course lucky him. oh, he has destroyed all evidence of the Vikings you know how all-male egos are.

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  • A viking ship was found in a small tributary of the Mississippi in Memphis Tennessee....

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  • the Hillinger effect is common on the Great Lakes

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  • I’m a retired Elementary School teacher and I’m so glad my family stumbled onto your wonderful utubes which I always look forward to watching with my family during this pandemic. Thanks for telling us about Magellan. I remember some wonderful Magellan school science programs I used in the 70s. I’m wondering if it’s the same company. Your cat looks like mine on the icon. Thanks for enriching our home time since we don’t like regular TV programming.

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  • Now for those who don't think it could be sailed people have sailed it. Hjemkomst is the name of the recreated viking ship in Moorhead that sailed from Duluth, MN to Norway. "A crew of twelve sailed the Hjemkomst from Duluth to Norway in 1982. A thirteenth member sailed as far as New York City. The crew consisted of professional sailors, a long distance truck driver, and college students. Four of Robert Asp’s children helped to sail their father’s Viking ship across the North Atlantic."

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  • A wonderful tale of Vikings and discovery

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  • Harald fairhair is my 32nd greatgrandfather!

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  • Ironic that I just finished watching the final season of Discovery's "Vikings", which partially covers the settling of Greenland, although it credits the discovery by the character Floki and not Eric the Red.

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  • University of California Berkley has hundreds of old and ancient maps... maps from the Viking age show very little ice on Greenland because it was warm and green :) in the global warming period from the 9th to the mid 14th centuries....the world was far warmer in the Viking age than it is today ... And yes, the Viking were late comers, as the Phoenicians discovered---and settled---- the Americas around 1000 BCE

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  • One theory I ran across a while back as to the decline of Greenland is that Vitamin D deficiency caused by a lack of sunlight and the removal of cod liver oil from the diet degraded the populations' health.

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  • We come from the land of the ice and snow From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow The hammer of the gods Will drive our ships to new lands To fight the horde, sing and cry Valhalla, I am coming On we sweep with threshing oar Our only goal will be the western shore Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song

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  • So walrus tusks were traded from Greenland to Europe via the Vikings and their trade routes across the North Atlantic. I wonder - could some of those have made it all the way across Europe, and to China, via the Silk Roads?

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  • Bad tempered people, criminals and other kindly souls were the early settlers of many counties. Oh the days of exile and penal colonies.

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  • The Inuit are no more "native" to Greenland than the Vikings. They arrived in the North of Greenland at the approximately same time as the Vikings arrived down South, after which they spread further and further South, eventually replacing the original inhabitants, namely the Vikings. There had been other people living there centuries before, but those were not Inuit.

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  • Do you realize that the word "Inuit" does not occur in any language of the Eskimo peoples? Eskimo actually translates into 'people of the snow' or 'people of the ice' and was what Eskimos called themselves in general, but then they had tribal names below that. While the made up word Inuit is politically correct, the correct term is Eskimo and it is not an offense or slur.

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  • Read " America ,B.C." Dr Barry Fell ,Brown University.. Evidence of Scandinavian s settlements on East Coast from Maine to Rhode Island.

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  • Love your pronunciation of the Icelandic names.....Þræll slave..... and Gunnbjörnssker...old name for Greenland or Grænland as it´s called in Icelandic. We Icelanders claim Eirík Rauð be an Icelander because his father was banished from Norway, and he was raised and lived here. All the Saga´s were written in Iceland. Keep up the good work mate.

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  • 4.04 That picture looks like L anse aux meadows, a norse settlement in northern Newfoundland and the ruins shown at 10.25 look like the remains of a norse church near Julianehaab or Quakartuk in Greenland.

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